Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekend; Toronto Island; Unplug day..

I've been quite busy for work and things that I want to learn in this field. Last week was very busy. So, last weekend, I decided not to do any thing about computer.. well.. i did tried. I went to Toronto Island for photography. I found that's the best way to be away of computer and get some real fresh away. :-)

I did about 300, 400 photos in there, went there around 5pm and start shooting once I was on a boat. I was surprised that view was so good from Toronto Island. Too bad there were a bit of fogs. I should go there one more time when humility was low. Any way, hope you enjoy the photos. Save them as your wallpaper if you want. :-)


Milton Paiva said...

Nestor this 3rd picture is "the picture". Very very beautiful, I think I will copy it and use as the wallpaper from my desktop.

Bossa Nesta said...