Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fedora and my dad..

My dad loves technologies.. but not really brave enough to try new stuffs. I've been asking him to try the Fedora Live CD for months, but he told me there is something wrong to boot. Finally, I got a chance to install F10 for him... hehe..

His desktop is full of virus... no matter his Vista or his XP. You know, once you are using Windows, you don't have to worry about virus, cos you'll get virus for sure, so, why worry? Even if you use it very carefully, you may still need to format and reinstall it after 6 months... well.. in my experience...

Anyway, I setup a Tri-boot for him. He got XP, Linux and Fedora 10 running with a 300Gb big storage for him to spend, since he swap his external 500Gb as the internal now. And I think he kinda like it. I've seen him sometime boot up Fedora and try this and that. Of course, I was a little tricky, I put Fedora if he dosen't press any key at start up, hehe.. so he'll get in Fedora instead of other OS.

And, he always got problem with his video capture card in Vista, cos he couldn't manage to find a driver. Then I found that F10 already support his card. Looks like he's gonna use it more than those Windows....

When my dad really know how to use F10's interface, I think i'll do the same thing to my mum's laptop too. I actually, installed Firefox for her laptop and I think she dosen't even know what's the different tho. If I can manage to find a dictionary with real person speaking... then, she's gonna love it.. ^^

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