Sunday, January 25, 2009

youtube and my mum.. and.. woodmaking...

I've been doing the lab.. feeling like to relax a bit.. so, let me blog something interesting here...

Recently, my mum just got a new computer, so she can use dictionary with a computer and I can have one more new toy too. ^^ NICE!!

After days of installing and reinstalling... I manage to install Fedora 10.. oh yeah.. but..too bad that the sound card driver dosen't wrok so well.. StarDict dosen't produce some good sound. And Adobe flash dosen't work too.. well.. all expected... SO I just have to let her use XP.. too bad..

Then I showed her youtube.. she loves it. Now, she can watch her favourite show online...looks like.. My dad and I have to eat instance noodle for weeks.. hahaaha..

I read about Comp Study in high school by Chris Tyler few days ago. I woke up in the morning.. day dreaming.. then I thought.. wait.. woodmaking dose related to programing!! hahaha..

Have you guys wiki the story of first PC from Apple? Oh.. yeah.. the hand-made one.. by Stev and Stev (I think "Stev & Stev sounds better than "Apple", more designer feel.. haha..) Common.. maybe one day some Ontario high student can create a hand made computer or robot or something, right?

May Ontario Gov should consider teaching students how to hand draw diagram.. and.. perhaps we should start writing our programming language in papers! Put all your code on the paper.. just like how we did in exams.. ;-p

Of course.. I was joking..

PS: ops.. dunno why the pic appeared so before.. it's fixed now. ^^

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