Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Emtional FreeBSD in VM, with bad temper...

I've been trying to install FreeBSD in Virtual Machine since week 1. The first few times, I was stuck in how to install it. Yeah.. i guess I get to used to "next-and-next" installations. The concept in FreeBSD is totally different.

Some how I managed to find a simple installation guide for FreeBSD. Obviously the official guide didn't help me. So, I managed to install in a Toshiba Laptop which runs a Intel Celeron M CPU.

And a hardworking student like me, of course, won't be proud of using a step by step installation. So, I tried to install in another Compaq laptop which has an Intel Dual Core CPU. And I even learned more the installation procedure. In BSD, every thing is manual. If you miss a step, you may end up installing nothing but with an error in your boot loader. And somehow the standard FreeBSD bootloader never work for me. I had to use MBR instead. Of course, I've got no clue why...

Interestingly, FreeBSD crashes all the time in my VM. Even I tried to install few times, because I thought I did something wrong during installations. Anyway, re-installing didn't work. It just shutdown itself during boot. But I could to safe mode.

Then I talked with my classmates, Milton. Miltan said he had simular problem, but it worked after he restarted. Well.. not in my case, I tried restart few times, went to safe mode and restart.. no.. didn't work.

Right now, when I'm just about to turn it on and tried to capture a screen shot of its dead-look and also check the logs. It works!!! @@ tried init 6, restart... still works...

I've got no clue at all. I guess maybe it's because of I changed the NIC and I had to install the driver. I'll try to change the NIC again and see what will happens.

I tried it on Friday for the whole day, 7 hours!!! not mentioning other time I put in. What have I done to deserve this? ;-p

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