Monday, February 16, 2009

When i'm waiting for my vm to update..

I'm now waiting for my vm F10 to update... Suddenly wanna blog about a little feeling on learning Linux at Seneca.

Last semester, I was struggling about installing wifi and drivers in my fedora. Learning to use all the tools that I need to replace Windows. This semester, we learning more advanced technology. And I really love stuffs that I'm learning in this semester. Especially networking... we're actually doing a networking with all command service: web, DNS, mail, routing, firewall.

It's been tough weeks in last 2 weeks, I was struggling to setup a VM networking with little knowledge on VM and networking. Well... I did learn networking, but when I have to put every things together, I was confused. But I know it's the learning curve, the turning point. It means I'll be making a bigger step!

Some how I feel a bit relax today. Because I've found that I've learn a lot in last few weeks. Just few months, from knowing almost nothing about Linux to right now, I'm able to start understanding Linux.

Since I'm not working this semester, I've been sitting in front of computer at least 10 hours every day. But I always try to spend one day a week with my parents, take them around in the city or have a cup of coffee. And they love one dollar stores. ;-) That's the only entertainment I have every week... beside watching a movie once a while.

I have to thank Raymond Chan has spend a lot of time on teaching us. He even came in to Seneca on Valentine's day to help us on networking. And it was a Saturday!! And of course, Chris Tyler.

There are still a lot to do, few assignments and mid-term... I know it's gonna be tough, but I'll try my best. If 10 hours is not enough, then I'll spend 15 hours! I just can't give up!!

Oh.. yes.. VM's done upgrading.. time to go back to work.. hope I can go to bed before 3am.. cos I need to wake up at 7...

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