Thursday, February 19, 2009

CDOT photos - 20090220

Hi, guys.. I've just editing all the photos. and posted it in For some reason, some of the photos in flicker dosen't look so nice. Therefore, I also saved the edited photo in my matrix account. Please see the link below to download. And, yes! facebook.. go tag yourself. ;-)

If you want the original files, please let me know. They are saved in Nikon RAW format (NEF). Make sure you have around 1.5Gb space for them.

Edited JPEG in zipp format


Tony Lai said...

1.6 GIGS?! of pictures?! dang.

Bossa Nesta said...

yeah.. it's in Nikon's Raw photo format, which photo is 8-11mb.. and I got some other photos that took on that day.. so, 1.6gb, hehe..