Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Migrate aNd Manage Release 0.6 Progress (and problems..)

After bug fix of 0.5, which is 0.52. I've moved all the codes into functions. I found there is problem on calling few functions, such as calling help.

After hours of testing and searching, I found the reason. The reason is because the way python handle global is totally different to my other programming language experience. Of course, I can assign global variable in functions then, I can change it in any where, or I can pass the variables. But... I think I'll change all variable in a class, so I can call up any time any where. And I think it's better for future development too.

This release's coding is more than I thought. It's more like restructuring the whole program instead of adding code on it. @@ And I'll have to do a lot of testing to make sure all variables pass successfully too. And I need a little plan on it too.

And the reason why I'm putting every into functions is because it's easier for GUI development. So I can actually call up the functions form GUI instead of just call up mnm in bash command with all parameters.

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