Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How many VMs can my Asus EEE PC handle?? 2?? no.. 4?? em... hehe..

I've been working on my NAD project with vbox's vms.. i'm really curous what this little single core cpu machine can do. Here is the config..

Asus EEE
- 2G Ram (MAX for eee)
- Fedora 10
- fresh boot
- laptop mode (as real ram as much as possible, instead of swap)
- 4 F10 with 256 ram, 4mb Video ram, text mode (init 3)
- 1 F10 with 512 ram, 12mb Video, X windows

- F10 host (Asus EEE) fresh boot with X running use about 500-700mb
- One F10 VM in text mode use around 250Mb
- idealy
- total 2gb ram means I can use at least 5 Vms.. (700+(250*5))
- when the VM in text mode and idle, it use 5-15% CPU
- start all VMs one by one to reduce run time and chance of crashes

- IT WORKS!!! 5VMs running smoothly!!
- impressive!!
- it use some swap but.. well.. cos the last one was 512mb F10..
- it may able to run 6 VMs smoothly if I have 2 more 256mb ram F10
- really impressive!!
- if it has service running (httpd, dns).. it may use a bit more memory... and a lot more CPU. using a 'find' command use 60% host CPU already!
- it may able to handle 6VMs or even 7VMs in text mode and still have an acceptable performance. even with some simple service on and those are not busy services..
- it's perfect for testing...
- it's absolutely impressive!!!! ;-p

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