Monday, March 23, 2009

Migrate aNd Manager Release 0.71

Welcome to the team
First welcome Kezong Liang, Stephen joing me on this project. Stephen will be concentrating on multi-language support of the program.

What's in 0.71 release?
This release is a preview of 0.8. Several bugs have been fixed in GUI mode. And it could be download with yum from Mohak Dilipbhai Vyas.
The GUI function is only showing ideas of how the GUI may look like.

1. download this rpm package and put vyasrepo in your repo list
2. type in this command..
yum install mnm

How to run...
the program will be saved in your /usr/sbin/. If you do not want to risk you documents, running in virtual machine is strongly recommanded.

Thank you for Patty, Milton on helping me testing this program, and Mohak kindly packaged this program and put it in his repository. And of course all the hard work from Stephen Liang. :-)

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