Sunday, March 8, 2009

mNm Release 0.6.3

It's only been few days after release 0.6. This release of 0.6.3 is not for bug fixing, it's actually some internal improvement of 0.6. It is kind of an early release 0.7 I have successfully move every thing into a class. And instead of putting supported OS database in array, i put them in a file and import them when necessary.

The next step of 0.7 will be targeting on calling internal function from GUI instead of using os.system to call up mNm in bash.

If time is allowed, I will also create another function to get all supported OS into a list. So, the GUI could just call up the function and user will be easier to choose.

Soure Code of mNm0.6.3

Some more to share...

It was tough to restructure the whole program. Especially it's about 800 lines of code now. Sometime I've totally forgot what i have and what i was trying to do in the code. So, I try to work on 0.7 as soon as I can, so i don't have to pick up again. ;-p

And surprisingly, every thing go smoother after 0.6 release. I didn't expect having my function use those classes would be so easy. I only spend about 5,6 hours from 0.6 to 0.6.3. That's a relief. :-)

Since the foundation is much more better now. All I have to care is improving the GUI, and build some small functions if necessary.

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