Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Migrate aNd Manage(mNm) Release 0.6

After all hours and days of debugging, finally, release 0.6 is here. It sounds easy to put all variables into class, but.. OMG.. i couldn't believe how tough it was.. So I had to change my mile stone. But the brightside is, it's always better to improve the foundation instead of changing it later when its more than 2000 lines of code, right? Luckily... I have only did 800 lines... ;-p

Anyway, here is what I've done for Release 0.6...
- those code of sorting flags and calling function will be put in 2 functions instead of on the upper level lines. It's better for future development.
- put global variables into classes
- fixed all bugs after moving all global variables into classes - added a variable named "ProgMsg?" for easier debugging

mNm Release 0.6 code in FedoraHost

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