Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Migrate aNd Manager Release 0.8

This version of mNm has a functional GUI that will provide all functions that need to be done for firstboot. Although there are some small improvements need to be made but Since it matches all milestone that I planed before except Multi-Language font part, therefore, I'm posting it here.

Hopefully, I'll have a newer version of 0.8, which would be called 0.8.1 coming this weekend that will have scroll bar and it will a better version of 0.8. The next release 0.9 should be a fully working version. And I'm targeting to do bug fixing and improvement after release 0.9.

Here is a list of things that I've added in this 0.8 release...
* check boxes
* auto mount (add on auto mount to mount all supported types)
* auto search (including OS type and users, default OS User home only)
-- get supported OS type from database
-- put list of supported OS object(classes) in a list
-- find out if the mounted drives (just in all drives except default live CD user) has any user

mNm Program/Source

mNm Main Page in FedoraHosted

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