Monday, April 6, 2009

Migrate aNd Manager Release 0.8 Progress Update

mNm running as an Firstboot module

So... I've been trying to put mNm to merge with firstboot. Althought I should contact firstboot owner soon.. but I still want to make sure my program will not have big problem when integrate to firstboot. I've been playing around the modules. After 2 days of testing, I finally figure out a way for it.

Instead of using it as a module in Firstboot, mNm should be used as a plug-in (Please correct me if this is not the proper way to call it.). So.. in "Create User" module, user can also choose a 'Network Login' thing.. (honestly, i dun really know what it really dose tho). It calls up '/usr/bin/authconfig-gtk --firstboot' as a process. So... that where mNm should be!!

Let me also talk why it should be a plug-in. I was thinking if mNm should be replacing 'create user' module or should be an alternative module. But the logic is kinda wired. and firstboot dose not run like that. Firstboot will call up modules one by one in sequence. As mNm will do automount, it's kinda silly to mount every thing even mNm will not even being used. I believe running mNm as the Create User plugin is the best way to do. And also.. it seems that calling up mNm as a module in firstboot is not possible. As you can see in the capture that I run mNm as a module and the item list is blank. Maybe there will be some way to do.. but if the plug idea is working.. why bother? :-)

But I will still confirm with my super duper professor Chris Tyler first. Then... multi-language!!

Here is some improvements I've also done in last two days..
1. disable umount when calling up 'AutoMount'.
2. It has a bug that, if the user folder contain file, mNm will crash. This issue has been fixed.

Finally, I fixed the problem in the tree list when mNm running as a module in firstboot. I've also uploaded the capture as the first image. (Nestor, 200904071200)

mNm running as an plug-in inside Firstboot module 'Create User'


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