Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Andrio Phone, Samsung i7500

Cool.. finally, another Android!! Really looking forward to see the real thing. I actually have been using my iPhone at home when I have problem with my network. It's just so cool and convenience. When every I need to test WLAN or LAN, I would use it.I can run ping, nmap, sniffer, tcpdump, ifconfig, etc networking tool on my phone. And in last few days, on my brother's request, I setup tittering for his brand new Asus 1000HE, so he can connect the internet any where with his 3G network. And he loves it!!

And it should be practical at work also. You know, in some critical production site or some data center, it's quite hard to get internet connection. Using your phone, which allow you connect to the internet without affect the production site network, this is amazing.

When there is a new iPhone coming up(next year?), i may get a new phone, it should be either the new iPhone or an Android. Frankly, mostly i'll get the new iPhone. But if I do use it to type command.. well.. an Linux based smarphone with slide keyboard should be a better choice tho. Although I do love the touch screen on iPhone.. but for typing? A physical keyboard is much more better tho.

Consider Linux SmartPhone is going to be the future, should every Sys admin get a smart phone?

Samsung i7500 in cent

Hands on preview in a Russian site

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