Tuesday, October 14, 2008

done presentation, yeah :-)

Today, we do the presentation for our project's first realease. Finally, it's over.

I had been so worry since before the class. Since there was so many small things happens last night. My fedora wifi didn't work, presentation file got screwed up. And my hands was literately shaking before my turn. But I kept my energy and the presentation went smoothly. Althought I missed some gimmick that I was prepared.

And the comments was good to. Patrice said I kept every one energy up, and she likes the pictures moving in the slices. I felt confidence when answering questions. And I guess I answered them right. I was actually relax in Q&A. I have to that iPhone and google phone, cos I learn a lot in their presentation. And... If u have watch gem before, you know who is better. :-p

Yeah, the project sounds like lack of funtions. But I believe I can make it better in a year, it will be as good as the one in Ubuntu. Maybe even better. Another thing is, people may think it's lack of functions, but on the other hand, it has potiential!!!

If the project is successfull, we can do all migration and maybe work with some other module to have network, multi PC, LDAP support. But at that time maybe other people will be working on it instead of me.

I believe it was a good start. And I have more confidence on it and I now I have higher expectation to myself.

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