Friday, October 10, 2008

Progress... is no progress... but...

I'm not sure if I should always mention good stuffs in my blog. I think i'm treating this blog as my online linux dairy, hahaha...

I spend the whole evening to try tools and way to migrate mail from outlook to linux mail system. Of course, I can migrate mail from my outlook to linux without tutorial. but its different when u need to write a programe to do it automatically. I think it's non-sense to ask the user to install Thunderbird, migrate outlook mails to thunderbird, export mail from thunderbird and import to Thunderbird in Linux. If user knows how to do it, they don't need this migration tool, right?

Automatic, yes, should be just providing information, even better, the tool should be automatic search user info and migrate them. All they need to do is click and choose and type password. click and click, cos they're Windows user and future linux user.

So.. back to the project. I tried to call up thunderbird migration tool, "thunderbird -migration", FAILED! thunderbird opened, no migration windows pop up. I even try to copy thunderbird profile, follow some web instruction. It seems newer thunderbird has different structure. FAILED! Try to find some program that convert outlook pst file to linux mail format. Some are not free-ware, some are like outdated.

Kinda frustrated.

So.. no progress at all...

but.. look at the bright side, at least i know what I can't do... yeah..

And look at the even brighter side.. no one has done it.. YEAH!! I'm the first one.. well.. almost the first one, 'cos ubuntu may have it. I didn't try ubuntu migration function yet, cos i only had a plain vista running in my system before.

OMG... presentation is coming... i've gotta do something impressive! I know I can do it! ^^

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