Monday, October 6, 2008

Install Wormux from source

Wormux is a open source game that support multi-platform system, since it's open source. And I believe it was build for linux, since it's even more complicated if you install it in Windows.

The installation was not easy at all, since I'm running a basic configured Fedora 9. I had to install a big amount of library files. I can't even find some of them even if I followed the instrucations. But I decided to go ahead and try it. The funny thing is when I run make it shows some of the lib files are optional. And after I did "make install" there was a lot of messages but no successfull message and I was guessing it was failed. But then i tried "which wormux" I found it was installed already! So, I ran the game and the game GUI pop up after 2 seconds!! IT WORKED!!! OMG...

I didn't really try to play this game, since I don't have much time. Now, I'll need to package it. ^^

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