Thursday, October 30, 2008

SYA710 - Kick Start, no kick no start..

In the lab today, we install Fedora 9 to our "born again PC" to use kick start. It went quite smooth... and I was lucky enough that John told me about we're missing partition config line before I burn a kick start DVD.

Then I went google and find the configuration page for fedora anaconda. Find the line is easy, cos they have the man page in one html page, just search "partition", vola!

Actually, i wanna blog more something behide this lab. Right now, I'm doing Windows Data Migration Tools, and I've always thinking that when I put WDMT work with anaconda, it's gonna be a tough job.. But, after having this lab, I have an other thinking. I may actually use anaconda to help me on user creation. But it may including a lot of text searching coding and making sure the config file as good as before WDMT edited it. Anyway, lets do it step by step, 0.2 in 2 weeks. ;-p

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