Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally, making some real progress!! YEAH!!

I've been studying mid-term and doing my project presentation in last 2 days... beside working yesterday. And finally, today, i made some progress on the project.

Finally, I start to learn python. It's not as hard as i thought. I think the compiler that I used when I was studying programming was not stable. It crashes all the time, even if it's simple syntax error. It's quite easy tho. Especially Python has a lot of resources on the net.

So, I know how to handle files, directory with python. It seems not that hard. I found it easier than C++. I remember when I learn C, when I used file handling, it crashes all the time when I have syntax error. So, i know how to check, move, delete, copy file/directory, which are the most basic and important thing for my migratioin tool.

I think I'm gonna use my reading week to work on the project. I hope I can have a simple GUI and basic function working at the end of this semester.

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