Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wanna try Android ??

I just found a Android simulator on the net. It's flash clip that let u try some functions of HTC Dream. Interesting... It's fun to play with this flash.

HTC Dream, Android

I've been using smart phone for few years, from Windows Mobile, Palm to iPhone. I would say this google phone is not impressive. It's just like an iPhone.. I would say there are a lot of functions, interface and concept from iPhone. And the hardware is not impressive too, bigger than iphone but with a full keyboard. If u hate iPhone keyboard and dun mind to care even a bigger phone. Android would be a good choice. And as a hardcore open source or Linux developer/user, you may like it. But, as a phone? em... I would say HTC Touch is the best, as a multi-media phone and for fun, iPhone is better.

It's less than $200 with 3 years contract with T-Mobile.. come on, iphone is almost same price. And u can hack iphone and use it as a Linux/Unix phone. I hacked my iphone and can do ssh, sftp, video player, etc. And you can use a lot of program for free by using "Installer" to download from repo.

Anyway, it's still good to see a new platform. I can't wait to see someone fix Android rom to HTC Touch. That's the whole reason why I'm not selling my HTC Touch yet, hehe.. ^^

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