Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SPR720 my madwifi driver..

I've been trying to install my Athero 5700 wifi driver in my fedora, but it always fails. Since I had a experience of successful installing HP laptop wifi driver in Ubuntu, so I install Ubuntu today.

I spend less than 1 hours to install ubuntu. Then i tried to install my driver in my fedora mount under ubuntu, but maybe there is soem permission problem, it didn't install. So, I copy the tar file to my root directory and install it there. It works like a charm. I don't even need to modify the kernel path or any thing.

Well... it was too soon to be happy. 'cos somehow the wifi still dosent' work. I upgrade Ubuntu to the most update version already. But NetworkManager still dosen't recongnize it. Why?? but why??? I'm start feeling so frustrated about Linux... But.. of course I won't give up. I've gotta learn, since I'm takign this course now...

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Chris said...

Nestor, the madwifi driver is available in a nice, yum-able package, via the Livna repository :-)

See http://rpm.livna.org/

You might find it interesting to grab the source RPM for that package and see what they did to compile and install it (use "yumdownloader --source madwifi" after enabling the Livna repository).