Thursday, September 4, 2008

First blog of LPT730

- Education and/or professional background
graduated in Sydney, a college called Lorrine Martin College, went to University of Sydney.
worked in IT field for 3 years back in Hong Kong

- Your interests in computers (other than playing games)
buying new "toys", playing around with it, master it and customise it, from NDS to PS3, slim DC to DSLR, from low-end cell phones to iphone 3G...
planning to install a fedora or some linux system in my ps3, hopefully i'll have a wirelss keyboard

- Hobbies away from computers
i used to love music, literature a lot.. but since i'm into IT, and into photography now, plus too busy for work, no time for them... i used to have a small indi pop band in Hong Kong. It was fun. If any white guy wanna sing HK Pop with me, let me know.. j/k ;-p

- Anything else you wish to share with the world
I'm active, talkative and agressive most of them time, but sometime I'm shy.... believe it or not.
I'm so glad that I've applied for LUX. The idea behide it is amazing. It's such a win-win approch to students, professors and our sponsor(s). I hope we can all make something great, so we can proud of it. Maybe one day ppl will know our name in New York Times, who knows?

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