Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday time, codding time.. ;-p

I have been working in the lab for lab work today. The last one I was doing was the bash script lab for SPR720. Since I still have one hour to work until the lab close at 10:30pm, so, I decide to give it a try, 'cos I have to work 10am and maybe finish at 1am at night.

But, guess what? The terminal just shut down itself after I tried to edit one line in vi... it just shutdown itself. I wasn't sure if it supposed to be like this, since it was 10:45pm already. I was thinking to give up this 1% lab. and get more sleep for work... but.. you know what? i'm not gonna give up!

I've just got home. I work tomrorow at 10am, need to wake up at 9am. So, I can went to bed at 3am, i'll still have 6 hours sleep, which is enough for me to work for my morning shift, 10am to 3pm. So, i'm gonna try it!! It's my birthday, I don't think i'm that unlucky.

Plus.. I've came up an idea... Instead of using my own machine to try the script. I'll store my code in my laptop and run it in matrix... ;-p How many matrix PC will I crash tonight? hehe...

I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun too.. kekee...

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