Monday, September 29, 2008


I had a great time that day. Too bad that I missed the meal, 'cos I had to work...

I installed a Ubuntu for a Yu, who is a Japanese Student. In his HP DV2500 series laptop, it had a Vista installed in his laptop and a dying Fedora also. He wants to remove Fedora and try Ubuntu. And have links to his Vista files. This is a great for me, since I'm doing The Windows Data Migration Project.

The installation part was easy, even I never install Ubuntu before. But.. well.. installation is easy nowaday, click and click. If any thing goes wrong, delete the partition(s) and do it again. I installed my Fedora 4 times to get it done, hehe... Linking files was piece of cake.

The most challenging part was the wi-fi driver. It was painfull!!! I am actually having wi-fi problem with my laptop with Fedora. The Kernel recognise the hardware but driver seem to act strange. NetworkManager has it but can't not control it, returned Set Mode error 08AC (Something like that). The system has it in lspci and lsmod. It's weired. But I got help from David. He is doing a HP laptop DV2000 with Ubuntu also. he had problem with wifi driver. But later on, he told me that after he plug in to internet and upgrade Ubuntu, every thing works like a charm. And I tried, it worked!!!

Now, i'm planning to install Ubuntu also. I've already saved 20Gb for Ubuntu and Kinnopix to have 4 system in my laptop.. if it's possible. I heard there would be some conflict with the bootloader. But I guess it would be fixed easily. I'm sure Ubuntu has already assume nerd like us would install multi-OS in our tiny machine.

But of course... I have to find sometime to do it... sigh...

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Sid said...

You should look into virtualization. Very useful imo. I use it all the time for Ubuntu. The best part is that you can move files from the main OS to the virtualized one. Also, no need to dual boot