Sunday, September 7, 2008

SPR720 Lab1

I'm not sure if I need to post all 25 commands here.. so i just post what I think after I read about 30 commands.

The first thing I checked out was yum and other 3 yum related commands that's in Fedora. I was su surprised about yum when I first used it. I think i over heard someone show my workmate about yum 5 years ago at work. But I didn't pay attention about it. But once I've got my Linux and Milton shows me about Yum. I really love it. Yes, I love Yellow Dog Updater, hehe...

And I found the linux/unix commands has changed a lot. Before, we always have command with single character parameter to customise the command to suit our need. But now, instead of using hard-to-understand code, new programs/commands tend to use whole string instead. For example, xlogo, xload, etc. But why? for user friendly? or for better paramater input/put to GUI?

Then I found there is a lot of GUI command that store in /usr/bin. I found a command called "animate". I guess this program was developed few years ago, 'cos the GUI is kinda old school.

Man... over 3000 commands in my /usr/bin.. how long will it take to master them? And how many of you has master all of them?

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