Sunday, September 21, 2008

Learn link folder

I guess it's not point on do too much planning and thinking. So, I just bought a new 320 SATA HD and install Vista and Fedora in my laptop to test some of my ideas. I spent the whole day to install both systems and transfer files from my external HD to my laptop HD.

SO, I've just successfully link my NTFS folder to my home folder. It's easy tho. So, all i need is some partical test run. I'll keep this link folder for a week and see if it works perfect. Well.. it should.. but reality test is always better than assuming.

My next step is to learn Python. Since I havn't do programing for a while and the programing of migration would involved a lot of classes. PLUS! I have to use first boot.. Well.. maybe i should work on GUI first, since it's easier to test. It may take me few weeks to acheive my goal.

So, I believe the first version is mounting and linking home folder to Vista system. and wallpaper, bookmark, etc should be easy. It's just the matter of finding the source and copying or linking them. ^^

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