Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Top 2 Apps

- In another entry write an article about two desktop software applications that you use often. Your choices do not have to be Linux-based or open source, but please make an effort to show us something unusual - MS Office, Firefox etc. are not the best choices

RescoExplorer for Windows Mobile

- What do you use it for and why
I've been using Windows Mobile (or Pocket PC) for years. It's not a great phone platform, but.. since there is not much stable platforms that let me customise and install apps. It seems to be the only choice.
Anyway, RescoExplorer is a great File Explorer has a windows-like interface(or x-windows like, if u prefer) with more powerfull browsing power. It's first thing I install every time I hard reset my WM.
- Highlight strengths and weaknesses of the software
- Strengths
It's powerfull, support hot-swap, and even have registry edit, ftp in there. Once you've tried it, you'll never use that simple file explorer that WM comes with.
It of course support select, delete, copy and paste file, movie a whole directry, delete files, search, etc. Support all file type that your WM has. In some lastest version, it even integrate with other Resco products, like Resco Viewer, RescoBackup.
Since I hate the idea of installation, 'cos it always eat up a lot of resources of your phone, as u know, it's something MS good at. I always run programs from my memory from my RescoExplorer, no install, no looking for short cut, and i don't even need to creat a short cut. Well... personal preference anyway...
- Weakness
The first few version up to Version 5 was great, but lack of support. Fewer version dose have some cool feature, like u can use ur finger to browse instead of using your stylus. But newer version seems to use more resources. And installing some other plug-in that you may never use, such as ftp, registry edit.

- For each of your choices provide at least one screenshot

ACDSee 3.0 for Windows

- What do you use it for and why
I use it viewing photos in full screen. As every DSLR users do, I take a lot of photo during a trip, I went to a Montreal/Quebec trip for 3 days, i took 900 photos. I went to Woodbine Beach just last weekend from 6 to 9pm, I took 600 photos already. I need a photo viewer has full screen and fast, allow me to do some minor edit. And ACDSee is always my best choice. And yes, it's a old version, i think they have ACDSee 7 or something.. it's great, but too slow and i don't need those new features.

- Highlight strengths and weakness' of the software
- Strength
Fast, super fast!! No matter u're using a P3 with 128ram and have XP installed, or having Vista with 1Gb ram, I'm always happy with it performance.
You can always rotate your photos in groups, which is great when you need to edit 500 in 1 hour.
You can change contrast, gammeu, etc with your photos. Which is enough if your don't like to edit your photo too much.
- Weakness
The editing is really limited. If you want to remove a bird that happens flied when you are taking a perfect sunset. You may need to open your PhotoShop again. @@
When you edit the photo, it changes the EXIF also, so, all your information will be gone... yeah... that's sad to some hard core photographer

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