Sunday, September 7, 2008

sftp to my iphone

Finally, I got my iPhone hacked! I've been waiting until the patch is stable for users. And since i know much about my iPhone, i think it's time to hack it.

Oh.. dun say it's not related to Linux.. for ppl dun know much about it, iPhone is actually a unix based machine. It has ssh connection, a file system just like all linux/unix. And it's actually running Darwin 9.3.1. Someone put a web server, proxy server there.. yeah.. it's crazy...

The reason why i wanna hack it, 'cos i hate the iTune sync. Come on.. it's unix based and the sync is even worse than windows mobile with outlook? give me a break.. i rather use sftp there and save the contacts/Address file myself. I found it can also run a media player and play certain format media files. But i dun have much time to play with them... Althought I spend 6 hours from 1am to 8am last night, i got stucked on hacking it.

Now, The first thing I'll need to do is find all data file path and do backup now. Then I'll put some media there. Or maybe find some usefull, interesting techno apps, hehe... And yes, I've already try to log into with my iphone, it works!!

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