Thursday, September 18, 2008

Windows Data Migration Tool - My LUX Project

Finally I've decided which project to work on. My first and only choice is Windows Data Migration Tool. Since I've been suffering using a you-know-what operation system for years, documents support and driver support always pull me back to using Linux. I hope I can make a user friendly but yet powerful tool to help normal user and technical support to migrate their data in breeze.

Right now, my first goal is just sharing documents in NTFS directory and use all user setting in Linux. My second goal is doing extra user data backup to DVD or maybe removable drive. My ultimate goal is having Vista/XP driver wrapped and used in Linux system without any problem.

Well... I'll be so happy if I could make the first goal done perfectly. Second goal may need some extra time. And doing the driver part is really hard. I may need to use other driver tool, like NDISWrapper.. but i heard the results are not very well. It has some serious problem on some machine, especial 64bit CPU.

Anyway, Here is the wiki page on LUX wiki web site Fedora Project site...

LUX Wiki:

Fedora Project:

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