Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Windows Migration Project - Plan V0.2

Windows Data Migration - Plan v0.2 2008/09/18

Even installing Linux is a breeze. Thousands of Windows user found Linux is difficult to use and worry about the competity of documents. The goal of Windows Data Migration is provide a one-stop data migration to migrate all Windows data from a Windows System to Linux during installation or even after installation. It will support XP and Vista Windows data.

= A user-friendly, simple GUI with advanced setting will provide the ease of use and flexibility to new comer.
= File System (folder) sharing will provide the flexibility when new linux user needs to rely on Windows when needed. User can save data in a special directory/folder for Windows System.
= All instance messager, images, audio, movies and documents will be migrated and supported. Associated open-source software, freeware will be installed during migration.

After a typical user has installed Linux in a pre-existing windows system, there is a number of configuration steps that must be taken before they get a comfortable working environment. This includes personal data like pictures, music, mails etc but also settings like wallpaper. The goal would be to lessen that pain and provide a relatively familiar working environment right after installation.

Basic Functions:
= language support (per user)
= support Vista (or XP first?)
= User Account migration
= IM migration
= Windows a-like environment setting.
= documents migrations
- image (jpeg
- audio (mp3, wav, rm
- movie (avi, mpeg4, divx, xvid, rm, mov,
- documents (xls, doc, rtf, txt, wri,
= environment migration
- wallpaper
- mail account, mails
= partition
- having a windows-linux share partition or folder
- possible to migrate from windows user profile directory?
= automatic download applications associate all file type

Future Developement / Advanced Functions:
= support XP also(or vista)
= IM history migration
= import outlook database
= wifi driver migration (when there is no native linux driver, using ndiswrapper)

Schedule (deadline)

= 1st Oct - concept development
- develop basic concept
- to do list
= 16th Oct - folder move
- solve problems...
> share directory or mount user folder?
> how to do it?
> shell script on doing lin/win folder
- user folder move/share
> move the whole user folder
= 1th Nov
- file type research
- find the most command file type, support linux application
- find the best app

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