Thursday, December 4, 2008

LPT730 Assignment 2 - Video Editing and Converting

Here is LPT Assignment 2 for video editing and converting. Since the video were cut well, but the audio were not captured well. I merge stero into mono to provide clearer sound. I used ffmpeg2theora which is fast and provide converting auto to mono and video compression at once. Here is a capture of ffmpeg2theora.

ffpeg2theora funning..

Videos were converted to the following formats:
* OGG Best Quality (native size)
* OGG Broadband Quality (564 Kbps)
* OGG Low Quality (128 Kbps)
* MPEG-4 AVI Medium Quality (564 Kbps)


Command Example...

nohup ffmpeg2theora -V 128 -c 1 "Day 1 - 1130 am_Rm." -o "Day 1 - 1130 am_Rm. 1014-128kb.ogg" &

And some other video tools experience...
I was trying to use Kino add some FX effects and tittle, but it seems Kino crashes a lot. I tried 3 different machine and none of them works, althought I got my video driver installed right. I tried to use VLC which is a famous multi-platform open source video player, and it has a excellent GUI converting function. But it seems the encoding engine didn't work well. The out put of video quality were not as smooth as I expected. I didn't go into other video tools since I spent too much time on this assignment. Dose any one know why I got crashes with Kino?

Converting from VLC

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