Thursday, December 4, 2008

LPT730 Lab9 - DVD Slideshow

The concept is easy, put all your photos in one directory, select the audio track you want,

sudo yum install dvd-slideshow
sudo yum install mjpegtools
dir2slideshow -t 4 -c 1 -n NesSlide ./
dir2slideshow -t 4 -c 1 -n NesSlide -a "/home/BossaNesta/Music/im_crying.mp3" ./
# Sometime you may have problem if your mp3 file has () or any symbol in the name. So, do change it just in case.

dvd-slideshow -n "NesSlide" -f NesSlide.txt
# I had problem with ffmpeg handling the audio, so I disabled the audio track with the option "ac3=0"
# You can use -L to render your slides into lower quality to debug
sudo vi /usr/bin/dvd-slideshow
# find "ac3=1" and changed to "ac3=0"

Now, the you will see a file with extension "vol", which is standard format for DVD video. If you open a regular DVD movie disk, you may find some files like that. So, all you need is use some DVD burner program to burn the DVD, then you're good to go. ^^

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