Sunday, December 14, 2008

SYA710 Lab07 - Making a Fedora Custom (Spin) CD

Pungi running
I thought I've bloged about this about but.. it seems I didn't so, here I am, blogging about my experience...

The step to complete the task is easy, here is a simple procedure...
yum install pungi -->
cp anaconda-ks.cfg Nes-ks.cfg -->>this kickstart from root directory, and copy it to a different name so we can edit it to suit our need.
pungi -c Nes-ks.cfg --nosource --force --ver=F9 --> here we go pungi it!!

And we all have trouble making pungi in lab, my way of doing it is disable Selinux, and I believe it's the easiest way to do it. Althought you may lost some protection, but in my opinion, you can enable your selinux any time you want. I myself never like the idea of selinux, it make Fedora sounds like Vista. So, I found that's easier to edit the kickstart and I don't even have to disable selinux every time.

After about one hour of waiting, it depends on what package you put in your iso image and also your connection, then it's time to turn you iso. And you can try it in other machine if you want, so, guys have fun. ^^

Pungi done

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