Monday, December 8, 2008

VM Fedora 10 on Mac.. lovely!

Finally, I got a chance to try Fedora 10, and I tried to use Virtual Box in Mac OSX. It had some problem before, I think VM dosen't have 64bit yet and there was some compatiable problem with sound card in my VM. But lucky, I got my network working. Next step, I'm gonna try making my local driver mountable to F10. I tried with the option "Share Folder" in Virtual Box, but it didn't work. Well.. I'm so happy that I can ssh/sftp from vm to my OSX. I think I need top open a port or virtual port to redirect port 20 from my local host to my VM, but I still dunno how to do it yet. I'm gonna find out....

In this few minutes experience, I found that F10 has improved a lot of graphic interface, althought my vm was kind of slow, but i can see the visual effects has running smoothly.

Anyway, here are some captures. I hope you like my desktop setting. ^^


Milton Paiva said...

Nestor you are the best !!! Your wallpaper is also very nice, ;-)

Bossa Nesta said...

u know, we all need some "refreshment" in our final exam, hehe..