Sunday, December 14, 2008

SYA710-lab08 Making your own Fedora Live CD

livecd-tools running
Okay, now we'll make a live-cd for fedora. I was thinking to build a F10 live cd, it seems my Fedora 9 is working perfect in my labtop. I better not to be a lab's mouse, hehe.. So, here we go, NesFedora 9 Live!

The steps are way to simple, download the kit and than type the command.. of couse, this is in the most case, sometime you may need to trouble shoot if there is something happens.

# yum install livecd-tools
# livecd-creator -c /usr/share/livecd-tools/livecd-fedora-9-desktop.ks --> i choose desktop, cos it's the most common used version.

Then just wait and burn the iso to a CD. Of course, you can play around the kickstart file to put whatever you want in the CD. but don't forget it's a CD, the limit is 640.. or 700, if you're over burn. But I suggest to have a 620 or less, just incase. Because some CD rom dose not support over burn.

So, anyway, enjoy your Fedora live-cd

All Done!!

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