Thursday, December 11, 2008

VNC from here to there and than there...

Finally, i did my belated VNC lab. I was planning to use my osx as the vnc client to connect my VNC server in a lab computer, but since I'm lack of skill and time, so i just have to use my Virtual Machine(vm) instead. And I finally, at the end of this lab, I use my Safari browser to connect to the vnc server. And of course, u'll see my lovely desktop again.. ;-p

Question #1: Describe what happenned.
It connect to the host that's running vnc server. But instead of the terminal I'm using, it open up another x window manager.
Question #2: Which window manager is running?
It's using twm.
Question #3: What is the different this time?
It's using another window manager now.
Question #4: What happenned?
The browser trigger the java plugin and started a java based vnc client.
Question #5: When would you find running a veiwer froma web-browser useful?
I would use it some highly secured system when installing software is restricted. Or if I want to vnc my host just for a shrot period, I would use this instead of installing some software into that system.

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