Monday, November 17, 2008

0.2 Relase Contributions - De-Luxer Community

It's almost the end of semester. I'm so glad that I'm doing LUX in Seneca@york. All my classmates are friendly and nice. We're like a small group of community, we help each other to learn and acheive our goals.

I'm so glad to meet Milton and Mohak. They helped me a lot on my LUX Project and the arcade project. Of course, I gave them some help too. Beside them, I also helped Steven Liang a little bit on his project. Since we don't speak perfect English, we try to help each other to understand what we miss in class and things for our projects.

I heard that next sem is gonna be tough on project. I've gotta finish my functions this month, so I can work on the GUI next sem.. ^^

And good luck on your project guys...

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