Saturday, November 15, 2008

Windows Data Migration Tools(wdmt) - Release 0.2

Windows Data Migration Tools(wdmt) release 0.2 is finally finished. In this version, wdmt will support most cases of data migration in command mode. Please see the following link for detail of wdmt. Here is a list of current features in wdmt release 0.2.

= Support post install files migration
= Support XP/Vista/OSX
= Support random flags syntax in command mode
= Support listing users from XP and Vista
= Support any Linux or Unix based system that has python installed and same user folder structure.
= Support automatic user detection or with a given user name(s)
= Support copying file(s) and folder(s) to specified location
= If given location is not a XP/Vista home folder, it will report error message and exit
= When duplicate file(s) or folder(s) is detected, wdmt has an option to replace older file/folder, backup existing Fedora user folder(s) or replace existing user folder(s)
= Auto create user list with a temporary password and migrate folders and files

wdmt release 0.2 python code
wdmt in Open Source@Seneca wiki

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