Monday, November 3, 2008

Windows Data Migration Tool - Plan for 0.2 Rlease

After researching on Windows XP, Vista system, I think it's time to do some actual coding.

I'm planning to write all the codes for user and directory handling. Which included user search and create, directory search and create. The functions sounds complicated but the concept is easy. All it will do is list vista/xp home directory and generate a list, administrators files will be moved to root in linux.

The program will be writen in multiple function format, in one big python code files. User will be able to run the program with running "wdmt" with flags. It may not have full support in 0.2 release, but may able to handle basic user search and folders functions.

Please refer to my wiki for detail informations...

Windows Data Migration Tool in Fedora Project

Windows Data Migration Tool in Seneca Open Source Wiki

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