Friday, November 21, 2008

LUX Project: Looking forward to 0.3

First of all, the name of Windows Data Migration Tool will change to "Migrate aNd Manage", mNm in short. Since it will support other operating system instead of just Windows XP and Vista. And here is the plan for 0.3 release.

0.3 Plan
- name change to "mNm", Migrate aNd Manage
- add link function to map user(s) sub folder(s), all or list
- add move function.
- add ntfs-3g mount loop
- check fedora user partition usage, see if there is enough space to do copy/backup function.
- in each ntfs-3g supported partition, use default user folder path to look for partition(s) to migrate.

= If time is allowed...
- one command, auto migrate from all xp/vista partition (integrate auto mount, default user folder check, move

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