Thursday, November 6, 2008

SYA710 Lab06 - Virtual Machine

Oh.. VM.. i love it.. isn't it cool to have a totally different operating system running on your machine? It dosen't matta what OS u're gonna put, OSX, Windows, FreeBSD, it's just cool!!! seeing VM running is like.. seeing a woman has a baby in her stomach. ;-p

So, I put FreeBSD 7.0 in Fedora 8. It's really cool. Althought I was kinda disappointed about not seeing any GUI. I think GUI is not in the default installation. But it's still cool. And the coolest thing is you can have few VM running in your system! Isn't it great to see 3 babies in a woman's stomach?

I think I'm gonna put a OSX in my Fedora when I have chance... So I can run a iPhone simulator, hehe.. it's gonna be fun. ^^

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