Saturday, November 22, 2008

NAD710 Lab 09 - IP Routing

Network Diagram Two by Milton Neto Paiva

For NAD710 lab09, Patricia, Milton, Mohak and myself did this lab together. Since Patricia and Milton already has two excellent step by step guide for routing between three network. I think it would be better to me to descript what problem we face instead of having another network routing guide.

The purpose of this lab is to setup fully routed network between 3 different sub-network with 5 Fedora Linus computers. Two of the computers will act as an router, which will provide routing between networks. Two of them are just host/client. Our network supposed to be fully routed, each host will be able to access each other, including ssh.

Step by Step
First of all, we sit down and design the network diagram. As the routing diagram shown, that is the design of our network. Each network will have different subnet mask and ip map. And routers has two NIC with two differetn IP. And host will only have one NIC and IP.

Then we set up each network's host and router and make sure it can ping to each other. This can be easily done with "ifconfig" and "route add". Then we set routes between the network to and the network of to Once the pair of Host A, Host B and Host B, Host C establish the connection. We can move on next.

The next step is the most important step. We will connect the whole network together. Again, we add another route in each router, so they will connection between three network. After the routing table is update, test the connection between them. Then the routing task is finished.

Problem That We Faced
Since we use command to add routing and ip, we had some human mistake in adding route. We mistyped a number in one of the router. So, we could not route to each other, that happened in the router ip It cost us almost half an hour to solve this problem. We could reduce the time on this trouble shooting if we check the routing table and IP step by step. But, like what Professor John Selmys said, "If you never make mistake, you'll never learn."

What we learn about this lab
So, the task is done and what we've learn? This is actually a very partical lab. In this age, almost every one has a computer and you may have more than one at your work place. Sometime for advanced secured network, you may need to set a network that able to access internet and between your local network, but there are no access from WLAN. And some situation is you may only want one or two computer/server that accept connection (e.g.. ssh, sftp) from the internet. And that would be a real task.

Network/Routing Diagram One by Patricia Constantino Sosa

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