Thursday, November 6, 2008

Windows Data Migration Tool(wdmt) - Progress News

I've been working on coding wdmt in python. I found it's really easy. I myself don't have much experience on programming. The only programming langage I used the most was GWBASIC, yeah.. structure programming. But of course, I did learn some at other college and university. But it's still lack of skill tho.

I was so happy to see my first python function running. Then I made my argument coding completed also. Great!! Althought I found there is a better way to sort out argument input, but it's still good. Because It means I'm improving. And I think I've been learning faster than I expected.

In my early planning, I was going to have all functions working on Release 0.2. But it seems to be impossible now, because of the time of learning curve is more than I expected. But I still plan to have all command mode functions working at the end of this sem. Wish me luck. ^^

Here is something I would like to share to you. The way I learn python is not from reading a concept, it's actually not the best way to learn thing, but it's the fastest way. When I need file handling, I google "python file handling", when I need user create, I search "python user create". It seems to improve the speed on learning. But of course, I may not making the best app, but I'm sure it's a working app. ^^

Right now, I have a simple user search based on listing vista/nt user directory and exclude a list of non-user folders and the help file after 5 hours of coding. The simple user search should handle the most documents migration cases. But at the end I may need to go to registry file and search for user's documents path, since user may move their folder to other location, eg: user may move music folder to 'D:\user_name\mp3'

I will have at least 2 more days to code, wait for my good news.. ^^

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