Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Migrate aNd Manage Project: Status update

Right now, I'm working on auto mount function for Migrate aNd Manage.

I was trying to see what is the best way to do. And I come out of 2 different approach. First, just let create a temp folder and use bash command to mount it. It will be one or multiple loop to mount all sd* . Since hd* is not the standard any more. At this point, I will use sd*. The loop will trying mounting all harddisk and partition in FAT/ntfs format and also hfs, hfs-plus format. The second way to do is capture the command return from "fdisk -l", it will return all partitions that is avaliable to the current system.

It sounds like using "fdisk -l" is a smarter way to do. But after an overnight of research, considering the afford and speed to the system, it seems auto mount is actually more efficient. Because if the program spend time on calling "fdisk" and anylise the output. Then mount it, it actually the system is doing more than mounting them one by one. Instead if I trying to mount one by one, it could have been even faster than capture in fdisk.

But.. here is a concern.. Since, i'm gonna mount the source partition in a temp name, say "/media/ntfs1", what if people want to use another name? but I'll work on this part later..

Step by step.. function by function.. ^^

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